Although not, there have been no unique publication tape real uses from feminine private nouns inside the Shine, excerpted regarding created messages

It is attested to of the discussions toward stylistic worth of several feminine personal nouns: brands from ranking of fuel (dyrektorka [a lady movie director], ministerka [a female minister], prezydentka [a female president]), brands away from disciplines (nauczycielka [a lady professor], prawniczka [a female lawyer], psy-cholozka [a woman psychologist]), and characterising names (interpretatorka [a woman interpretator], przodkini [a woman predecessor], goscini [a woman visitor]). Its fool around with and you will valuation depends on of many details: this new verbal problem, an attitude so you’re able to language, views to your public truth, susceptibility to help you gender-equality things, together with graphic feel and connectivity you to definitely confirmed means leads to.

Brand new second thoughts described a lot more than and lexicographers’ inconsistency into the tape (or omission out of) female individual models led to the concept to create a great ‘Dictionary of Polish Women Nouns’. Multiple women linguists from Wroc l aw College or university, Poland: Katarzyna Ho l ojda-Mikulska, Patrycja Krysiak, Marta S leziak, the author in the post, Agnieszka Ma l ocha-Krupa, undertook a groundbreaking try to clinically handle the difficulty, and you can blogged in 2015 S l ownik nazw z age letter skich polszczyzny [Dictionary away from Gloss Feminine Nouns; after that on the named SN Z P].

This is basically the very first dictionary from inside the Polish lexicography to only consist of feminine structures, when you look at the linguistics referred to as women individual nouns (cf

The idea of this new dictionary makes reference to ‘the typological truth regarding the new ages-much time fullness of one’s Gloss vocabulary in terms of derivation techniques into the category of femininity’ (Miodek 2017: 172). It includes women lexemes off texts authored within the several months spanning the following 1 / 2 of the nineteenth century while the contemporary times.

In advance of, women individual nouns have been made part of most other e-books, found its method with the language use instructions and normative books, for example performs dedicated to term-creation fashion inside Gloss

The complete level of the newest integrated lexical activities amounts so you’re able to dos,103, plus 422 (we.e. %) one to until 2014 had not appeared in people dictionaries from standard Shine code (one group provides both certain innovative structures, such bodypainterka [a female bodypainter], bookcrosserka [a woman bookcrosser], brafit-terka [a lady bra-fitter], castingowiczka [a lady participant from inside the an excellent casting], copywriterka [a lady publisher], forumowiczka [a woman forum participant], ghostwriterka [a lady ghostwriter], headhunterka [a woman headhunter], japiszonka [a female yuppie], lobbystka [a woman lobbyist], performerka [a female vocalist], researcherka [a female researcher], senselierka [a female smelling pro], shopperka [a woman shopper], slamerka [a female fellow member from inside the a great poetry slam], streetworkerka [a female streetworker], trendsetterka [a female trendsetter], vlogerka [a woman vlogger], and several conventional of those, and this for different factors had not been codified in other dictionaries, elizabeth.g. eksperymentatorka [a lady experimenter, ratowniczka [a woman rescuer], ubezpieczycielka [a lady insurance agent]). SN Z P is, first of all, a source of knowledge about vocabulary and its own changes regarding modifying facts. They merchandise feminine personal nouns included in public discourse: dated ones and you can almost lost of these ( s wiekra [the new husband’s mommy], ze l wa [the fresh new husband’s brother]) also specific entirely new ones (couchsurferka [a woman participant in couchsurfing], galerianka [a young female student offering sexual characteristics at a shopping centre]); writing on professions that will be unusual or low-existent today (po letter czoszniczka [a female equipping inventor], sekserka [a lady that establishes sex out of chicks]) or those who have seemed recently (bodypainterka [a lady bodypainter], profilerka [a woman profiler]); referring to female surviving in new unusual facts of your own Polish People’s Republic (formiarka [a female means creator], traktorzystka Tyska kvinnlig [a female tractor rider]) or even to social jobs you to never ever alter (matka [a parent], z ona [a partner]).


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