One dollar is equivalent to on step 3,000 pesos

Immediately after asking for rules around Latin The united states (and not only for the Colombia), I am convinced that most people are unable to stating “I’m not sure” so they really literally simply create things up-and lay to you personally.

They would rather give you towards the a wild goose pursue, or generally, simply beat you and make you someone else’s state in lieu of, you are sure that, in fact providing or admitting they won’t see.

My principle, if it’s some thing crucial or time-painful and sensitive, is to try to ask about three visitors to see if brand new recommendations outlines up or if perhaps the address I have differs.

Genuinely, it’s a good idea to rely on Bing Maps than inquire residents, however, be mindful taking their cellular telephone on the road otherwise your unlock on your own around those individuals above mentioned bicycle burglaries.

Tens and thousands of Pesos

The brand new money features suffered from plenty inflation they own around three useless zeros. I’m not sure as to the reasons the federal government doesn’t reform brand new money and you will merely cut of those people around three zeros, but whichever.

The real issue is people debts regarding fifty,000 pesos (about $16) which can be a whole burden… You simply can’t trust how difficult it is to-break a beneficial fifty,000 costs or make use of them in a lot of companies… Yet , which is concerning just bills the new Automatic teller machine hosts spit aside.

fifty,000 are the most significant expenses, but now they have introduced a great 100,000 peso bill, that’s most likely merely of good use if you are planning to invest in a car or truck from inside the dollars.

8 Months Each week

In case the doctor orders you to grab a medicine “cualquier 8 dias” that really function weekly, aka seven days.

Thus up coming just how many weeks are located in two weeks? Will it be 14, fifteen, otherwise 16? The whole thing is very strange.

How many Continents have there been?

Hence cannot make far feel when you consider it… They don’t count Antarctica after all… Ok, good, I guess.

North america and you may South usa are considered just one continent… merely, The united states. Coincidentally part of the reasoning it rating very irked that those from the U . s . reference on their own while the People in america once the based on them, anyone away from Canada so you’re able to Paraguay is even Western.

But how are they one to continent when they are connected only from the a small absolutely nothing sliver of almost impassable residential property?

Yet, they imagine Europe and China as a couple of other continents when he’s linked by the a large swath off residential property crisscrossed because of the paths, trains, without obvious section (unless you number a reduced lying mountain diversity)? check this

I am of your attention one to Europe and you may Asia should be considered one to continent, Eurasia, but I can’t fathom just how Northern and South america would be considered one to continent.

Surgery treatment

Medellin is among the plastic surgery capitals around the globe, which have something to would having as to why it’s so distinguished because of its beautiful women.

Exactly what is actually absurd will be the butt implants with end up being extremely popular having Colombian feminine here… They appear definitely terrible (sometimes even scary), What i’m saying is we’re talking about a giant boxy (virtually square-shaped) issue stuck to their butt.

It appears not just ridiculous and you can unattractive, but it addittionally looks extremely awkward… Including, might you still take a seat? Are you willing to sleep on your right back?

Toxic contamination

This will be one which has received extremely bad over the past lifetime within the Medellin, significantly more so since i have first came to the country. The problem is actually exacerbated by the effects of El Nino, and this basically set a limit to your Valle de Aburra and you may held every contaminants in the… Something which happens in other areas around the globe also, such as Salt Lake Town.


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